Terms & Conditions


1. DEFINITIONS The Seller’ means GPM Hire & Supplies Ltd The Buyer’ means the person, firm or company that places the order with the seller. The Goods’ means the goods ordered or hire plant ordered and or invoiced by the seller. The Recipient’ means the person, firm or company to whom the goods are delivered.

2. RECEIPT The buyer or recipient shall receive the goods detailed on the sellers documentation, it is his/her responsibility to check the quantity and condition of the goods and to endorse the sellers documentation accordingly. The buyer must inform the seller separately in writing within three days of any unsatisfactory goods or shortages. Any claims after this period cannot be entertained.

3. TITLE TO THE GOODS The goods shall remain the property of the seller until such time as they are paid for in full.

4. EX-HIRE PLANT SALES All Ex-Hire plant or machinery regardless of use, age or condition is ‘sold as seen’. It is the buyer or Recipients responsibility to inspect the plant for safety, serviceability and acceptability for the purpose for which the Buyer or recipient intends to use the plant.

5. PRICE The price charged shall be the price ruling at the time of delivery, unless another price has been agreed with the Buyer prior to delivery.

6. PAYMENT Where a credit account has been granted all invoices must be paid in full by the 28th day of the month following the month of delivery. The seller reserves the right to charge interest on outstanding balances at the rate of 3% over current bank MLR as at the end of the month when balance becomes overdue.

7. ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS & CONDITIONS Receiving and / or signing for the goods shall imply acceptance by the Buyer of these terms and conditions.

8. AMENDMENTS The seller reserves the right to alter, change or amend without prior notice any of the conditions of sale. GPM HIRE & SUPPLIES LTD Unit 3 Fordgate Business Park, Crabtree Manorway North, Belvedere, Kent, DA17 6AS Tel : 0208 319 7870| Fax : 0208 310 6950 Email : accounts@gpmsupplies.co.uk | Website : www.gpmsupplies.co.uk VAT No. GB 162 361 525


1. The hired items detailed on the hire contract hereinafter referred to as the ‘Plant’, GPM Hire & Supplies Ltd are the owners of the Plant and are hereinafter referred to as the ‘Owner’. The Hirer detailed on the hire contract hereinafter referred to as the Hirer’.

2. The Hirer shall not be entitled to part with possession of any of the plant or sublet any of the Plant without the prior written consent of the Owner.

3. If the person signing the contract is not the Hirer, he warrants that he has the authority of the Hirer to enter into this contract on the Hirers behalf, and shall be without prejudice to any claim of the Owner against the Hirer indemnifies the Owner against any claim made by the Hirer in respect of any loss or damage suffered by the Hirer as a result of any breach of such warranty, except for any loss or damage caused by the negligence of the Owner.

4. The Owner shall not, except in connection with any negligence of the Owner, be liable to the Hirer for the death of or any injury to the Hirer, his servant, employee or agent. Or liability for any expense, loss or claim whatsoever in respect of any personal injury, or damage to any property arising out of the use, misuse collection or delivery of the Plant or any part thereof.

5. The Hirer is liable for all charges on Plant shown on the hire contract at the Owners current rates. These charges will apply until such time as the Hirer restores the Plant to the Owner in a clean and satisfactory condition. All time is chargeable including Weekends and Bank Holidays. All charges are payable on demand. V.A.T. will be charged at the current rate.

6. All Plant is hired subject to availability the Owner will not be liable for any loss to the Hirer whether directly or indirectly arising from late delivery or breakdown during the hire period or immediately prior to the hire period.

7. When the Plant is collected by or delivered to the Hirers specified site, the Hirer or his Agent shall inspect the Plant for serviceability, safety, damage or shortage and shall endorse the Owners documentation accordingly, and also notify the Owner in writing of the same within 24 hours. If the hirer fails in any of his obligations under this condition any Plant supplied by the Owner will be deemed to be in a clean and satisfactory condition.

8. The Hirer must give 24 hours’ notice of termination of hire if he wishes the Owner to Collect the Plant, in the absence of such notice the Hirer will return the Plant to the Owner at the agreed time/date. The Hirer being responsible for the Plant until such time as it is returned to, or collected by the Owner.

9. Hire charges do not include collection or delivery charges or any expenses incurred by the Owner in recovering the Plant or any part thereof these will be paid by the Hirer.

10. The Hirer or his agent by signing this contract undertakes to ensure that the Plant is used only by those properly instructed in its use and shall not allow the Plant to be damaged or misused in any way.

11. All electrical Plant must be used with the correct connections; any alteration to the supply wiring must be restored afterward by a competent person, to the Owners satisfaction. The Owner will levy a charge on any Plant returned with unsatisfactory wiring. The Hirer is responsible for all safety procedures necessary for the use of the Plant especially in regard to electrical equipment.

12. The Hirer shall at all times ensure that the Plant is kept in a safe and serviceable condition should the Plant break down the Owner must be notified immediately. Under no circumstances must the Hirer attempt or allow repairs to be made without the Owners authority. Such plant must be returned to the Owner for repair or examination.

13. The contract commences when the Owner accepts the Hirers instructions and terminates when both parties have discharged their obligations. The Plant is hired out subject to these conditions, and the terms set out on the hire.

14. The Plant must not be removed from the site specified on the hire or from the Hirers stated address, without the Owners prior permission.

15. Any Plant that cannot be returned by the Hirer for reason of loss or theft will continue to be charged on hire rates until such time as the Hirer pays to the Owner the current manufacturers list price and any other charges incurred by the Owner relating to the loss or theft of the Plant and the appropriate reimbursement costs, legal or otherwise.

16. The Hirer shall pay all costs incurred by the Owner in repairing or rectifying damage or cleaning Plant deemed dirty upon return.

17. The Owner shall at any time and for any reason, without explanation terminate the contract and repossess the Plant or any part thereof.

18. The Hirer authorises the Owner to enter upon any site or premises where the Owner reasonably believes any Plant or part thereof may be to inspect, repair, replace, test or repossess the Plant.

19. Any Plant returned by the Hirer and deemed by the Owner to be contaminated (e.g. Asbestos) will immediately incur a cleaning charge. Any Plant that has broken down in a contaminated state must be sealed and clearly marked ‘Contaminated’ before it is returned to the Owner. Every effort must be made by the Hirer to return Plant in a hazardous environment in a safe and clean condition.

20. Decontamination Units are for personal de-contamination, under no circumstances will the Owners permit the storage of other plant, machinery or tools other than of a personal nature. Your attention is drawn to the contract condition number 19. If upon inspection the unit is found to contain any unacceptable items whatsoever or it is being maintained in a poor condition then the owners reserve the right to remove the unit immediately without notice.

21. The Hirer is liable for insurance of all hire plant whilst in transit if collected by the Hirer and also whilst at the Hirer’s Site/Premises.

22. The ‘Hirer’ will be responsible for all repair costs arising out of frost damage to pipe-work of decontamination units during the hire period. It is recommended that heating is left on continuously at a low setting during frosty weather.

23. All contaminated items must be sealed with polythene sheets/bags before they are returned. Particular care should be taken with vacuum cleaner tools, and ‘dirty’ zone of Negative Pressure Plant.

24. Where the Hirer is not a Limited Company, this contract will terminate 3 months after its commencement whereupon it can be re-negotiated or continued with the Hirers agreement.

25. Owners reserve the right to refuse to collect plant likely to be contaminated that is not suitably sealed for transport. GPM HIRE & SUPPLIES LTD Unit 3 Fordgate Business Park, Crabtree Manorway North, Belvedere, Kent, DA17 6AS Tel : 0208 319 7870| Fax : 0208 310 6950 Email : accounts@gpmsupplies.co.uk | Website : www.gpmsupplies.co.uk VAT No. GB 162 361 525